CRWN Part I: Meek Mill

meek_crwnOG Elliott Wilson finally sat down with Meek Mill, who by the way has landed his first no. 1 album with 216K units sold.

In part one, Meek talks about why he made changes to his album when he got out of jail, how he became obsessed with the internet, and what it was like making music with his girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

He also talked about the process of choosing a single for his album with Nicki. “She was fighting for me to have a mainstream song and you know me, I like that real shit, that grimy shit,” said Meek. “I don’t need no single on the radio to sell no album. I never gave my fans that and they’ve been here with me this long, so we argue back and forth. She end up winning. Nicki is a monster.”

Watch part one of CRWN below and stay tuned for part two tomorrow.

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