Jay Z’s Roc Nation Company Partners with PhilyMack

hov.cigarJay Z’s Roc Nation company and PhilyMack – a company that manages Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato – have announced a new partnership.

Jay Z released the following statement:

“Phil has built an amazing company with Philymack. We sat down and dreamt about what the future could hold if we partnered. Our views aligned on nurturing, growth and allowing creatives to stay true to their voice. That dream we are living today and it’s been amazing for all parties. We look forward to what tomorrow brings.”

Phil McIntyre will continue to own and run PhilyMack, as well as manage Jonas and Lovato going forward while they work with Roc Nation.

TMZ reports that Hov was interested in the partnership earlier this year but PhilyMack’s previous owner, Phil McIntyre, and Hov decided to put it off due to the challenges faced by TIDAL.

The extent of Jay’s handling of their careers is unknown right now, but he reportedly helped get Demi on SNL and Jonas a set during this year’s “Made In America” Festival. Jonas also performed at Hov’s Tidal 10/20 concert in Brooklyn back in October. At the moment, neither Jonas nor Lovato have been added to the artist list on the Roc Nation website.

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