Wiz Khalifa Talks Kanye West and Music in GQ

wiz-khalifa4Wiz Khalifa appears in the latest issue GQ magazine.

As told through a haze smoke, we get a glimpse in the life of Wiz as he discusses his latest project- Khalifa- and alter ego. But seriously, we all just want to know how he really feels about Kanye West after their nasty Twitter battle which included jabs at Wiz’s ex-wife Amber Rose and their son.

When asked if he regrets the Twitter fight with Kanye.
“Why would I? ….. It’s done and over with, so it don’t even matter.”

Was that a long conversation?
“Nah. I keep shit brief. But for him, it’s no animosity, so it ain’t even no thing.”

Did he apologize?

Did you?
“I have nothing to apologize for.”



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