Kendrick Lamar Pays Tribute Kobe Bryant In ESPN’s ‘Fade to Black’

kendrick_reebokThe legendary career of Kobe Bryant will come to an end this Wednesday (April 13) as the future NBA Hall of Famer will play his final game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

The sports icon has been on a farewell tour during his 19th and last NBA season. Growing up in Los Angeles, Kendrick Lamar has had a first-hand look at the 37-year-old’s long storied run, and now the TDE MC tributes the 18-time All-Star in ESPN’s Kobe Bryant: Fade To Black.

Written by Scoop Jackson, the short narrated by Kendrick includes various highlights of the Los Angeles Lakers guard’s long career, soundtrack by Lamar’s untitled, unmastered. single “untitled 07.″

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