Chris Brown’s Manager Sues Him For Assault

chris-brown-liquor-vidAnother day, another lawsuit for Chris Brown. This time his manager is suing him for allegedly beating him to the point of hospitalization.

Mike Guirguis, known professionally as Mike G, claims Chris trapped him in a room and punched him four times in the face and neck last month in May, according to legal documents obtained by the Daily News.

Mike’s lawyers said the attack, which they contend was unprovoked, left him in the hospital with bruising, swelling and severe headaches.

Mike, who was hired as Brown’s personal manager in 2012, claims he helped restore the singer’s public image following his 2009 assault of pop star Rihanna and aided him in overcoming debt and drug issues.

“Just as Brown’s career finally was on a steady upward trajectory, Brown viciously attacked Mike G — the man who stood by his side without judgement,” the lawsuit alleges.

The manager’s legal team also claims the incident, which took place a few days before Brown departed for his European tour, was “drug-fueled.”

Several hours after the attack, Brown posted an Instagram video that showed him laughing with the caption, “them days when you looking for some f–ks to give,” according to the legal docs.

Additionally, Guirguis’ team alleges Brown bragged about the beat-down to his friends and warned employees on his tour that he’d beat them up too.

The lawsuit accuses Brown of assault, battery, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional stress, among several other offenses, in the complaint.

“The assault was unprovoked and, regrettably, just another attack in Brown’s long history of violent and abusive behavior,” the documents read.

Brown’s attorney did not immediately responded to the Daily News’ request for comment.

Guirguis’ attorney Patty Glaser, meanwhile, told the Daily News in a statement that they were unable to resolve the dispute with Brown behind the scenes.

“We did everything we could to resolve this in a non-public way to avoid damage to Chris Brown,” she said. “Regrettably, as outlined in our complaint, Chris Brown has proven to be his own worst enemy.”

source: NY Daily News

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