Jay Z To Produce TV Series on Kalief Browder and Richard Pryor biopic

hov.cigarRemember when we told about that exclusive TV/ film deal Jay Z  landed? Well a few details on what he’s working on has emerged. Word is Hov is helping to produce a TV series on Kalief Browder and a Richard Pryor biopic.

Kalief Browder was a young Bronx boy arrested at 16 and held at Riker’s Island for three years without a conviction. During his time in limbo at Riker’s, Browder was forced to endure months of solitary confinement which contributed to his mental breakdown. Browder then committed suicide in his cell on June 6, 2015 sparking public outrage.

Lee Daniels has committed to directing the Richard Pryor biopic with Jay Z on board to produce.

The Weinstein Company (backing Hiv) had decided in May to postpone the project, titled “Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said,” after Daniels, the showrunner of Fox’s hit series “Empire,” left the helming gig when he was unable to fit the movie shoot into his schedule. A start date is now set for early 2017.

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