DJ Khaled Honored for His Major Keys Campaign

Viacom and Get Schooled have honored DJ Khaled for his Major Keys campaign. In 2016, Khaled joined forces with Get Schooled, a non-profit organization that aims to increase high school graduation rates as well as help youth succeed in college. The partnership resulted in the launch of the Major Keys Campaign, which provided students seven “Keys” on topics like financial management, decision-making, and healthy living. The campaign has since reached more than 250 million people through the media

To celebrate, Khaled and Sway Calloway were joined in Time Square by more than 400 U.S. students who have participated from the campaign.

“I am grateful for the positive impact we have had on so many young people and even more grateful for their talent and leadership,” Khaled said in a press release. “I am excited to work with Get Schooled to inspire and engage even more young people next year.”

Khaled also announced he and Viacom will kick off another campaign called Win More Music, which will educate young people about the music industry. The campaign is set to launch in the upcoming academic year. Educators who participate in Win More Music will have the chance to add a recording studio to their school.

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