Chance the Rapper Teams Up With Lyft to Help Chicago Public Schools

Chance has partnered up with Lyft starting Tuesday (Oct. 10) to help underfunded Chicago Public Schools.

For Chicago riders using Lyft, you can round up your fare and donate to Chance’s arts enrichment fund program for kids in struggling CPS. Simply tap ‘Round Up & Donate’ on your Lyft app, which will automatically round up your fare to the nearest dollar and the difference will be donated to New Chance: Arts & Literature Fund.

“Through the New Chance Arts & Literature Fund, I’m committed to giving the kids in Chicago as much as I can,” Chance says. “And now with Lyft’s Round Up & Donate, we can give them much more because the more we ride, the more we raise to bring more arts programs to Chicago Public Schools.”

(source: billboard)

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