Woman Claims She Was Assaulted at French Montana’s Home

Last month French Montana’s birthday party at his Calabasas home last month made the news because of a fight that broke out between two women. Well now more information is coming out about another incident that allegedly happened at the function. A woman called 911 from the party and claimed she’d been drugged and assaulted.

TMZ obtained the 911 call where the woman tries to explain her story to the operator, but struggles to do so.

“This guy keeps pushing me,” she repeats. “At French Montana’s house. They gave us drugs. They took our shoes and they kicked us out,” the woman attempts to explain. “These guys tried to rape us. They literally kicked us out naked and they hit us,” she goes on. The woman tells the operator she wants police to arrive, and she wants to press charges, but has a very difficult time giving her location.

According to TMZ, once police arrived on the scene, they didn’t see any evidence to back up the accuser’s claims and left without making any arrests. It’s also import to note, there was no mention of French Montana in her accusations.

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