Dapper Dan x Gucci Open Harlem Retail Store

Who would have thunk it? Dapper Dan x Gucci have finally partnered up to open Harlem’s first luxury retail store.

Dapper gave his Twitter followers a short summary of the Dapper Dan x Gucci experience. “A sign of the times. For the 1st time in history, a major luxury brand store has opened in #Harlem: @Gucci by @DapperDanHarlem,” he tweeted. “With made-to-order garments for your taste & in your specific measurements, I will create your design from your mind, or come up with a design for you.”

Dapper Dan had been making luxury-inspired garments for Harlem’s big spenders since the ’80s with no backing or acknowledgement from the actual brands themselves. Many these high-end brands didn’t want to be associated with “urban” clientele.

Decades after Dan’s start in fashion, Gucci came under fire for copying his iconic design—a bomber jacket with puffed sleeves and Gucci monograms all over—for their Cruise 2018 show. Gucci reps eventually traveled to Harlem to meet with Dapper Dan and reached an agreement to do a capsule collection. Soon after, Dan appeared as the face of Gucci Fall/Winter 2017 Tailoring campaign.

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