WATCH The Migos Really Cook It Up

After dropping the hit “Stir Fry” off their new No. 1 album CULTURE II, the Migos are now teaming up with Buzzfeed’s Tasty food channel to show their chef work in the kitchen.

In a video released online, Takeoff, Quavo and Offset cook up some stir fry for the viewers. In between tossing vegetables and frying bacon, chicken, egg, the rap trio take time to flash their expensive jewelry in between.

“Music is a huge part of the cooking and kitchen experience, so while Migos and Tasty may sound like an unexpected collaboration, it really is the perfect fit,” Tasty general manager Ashley McCollum tells Billboard.

“The guys were incredible to work with and we feel the final product is a successful fusion of our two brands. There’s a huge opportunity for Tasty within the music industry, this is just the beginning. And hopefully, we made everyone hungry for a little stir fry.”

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