Jay Z & Beyonce’s On the Run Trailer

runWith “Part II (On The Run)” serving as the unofficial soundtrack for their tour, Bey and Hov have released the visual for track.

Jay Z plays the crime lord who just can’t seem to walk away, while Beyonce plays his ride-or-die (Pause … I could say a lot here about her ride or die skills in that elevator but I’ll digress, be professional and stick to this story #IJS).

With cameo appearances from Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Guillermo Diaz, Emmy Rossum and Rashida and Kidada Jones, the star-studded trailer finds Jay Z in talks with Penn as he decides his next move. Lively plays the concerned best friend as she witnesses Beyonce risk it all for love.

Check out the trailer below

You know what’s most interesting about this video? That Rashida Jones is in it. Remember Rashida wrote this essay in Glamour about how she was tired of seeing over sexualized celebs. Is Beyonce exempt from this list after her Grammy performance and head references in “Partition”? I see we pick and choose who’s exempt. Especially if a check is involved. If you’re going to be the martyr of what’s right and wrong, play fair or don’t choose that role at all.

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