NEW MUSIC: Fetty Wap – “With You”

January 24, 2017 DJ 0

Last October, Fetty Wap collaborated with Norway/New Jersey DJ and production duo KDL on the track “With You.” The record was later removed for unknown reasons, but it has now resurfaced via a new recorded […]

NEW VIDEO: Fetty Wap – “Flip Phone”

November 27, 2016 DJ 0

Days ago Fetty Wap dropped the free mixtape Zoovier, a 19-track project that mixed new records with songs released in the past few months. He has now followed that with a new song/video titled “Flip […]

Fetty Wap Is Being Sued for $7 Million

October 31, 2016 DJ 0

After flaunting stacks of money in his latest video “Island On My Chain” and in real life one would think it was only a matter of time before suits would start rolling in. True to […]

Fetty Wap Apologizes to Paterson School Board

June 18, 2016 DJ 0

In the aftermath of his controversial video, “Wake Up” video, Fetty Wap apologized to the school board in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey for the visuals that were shot in the high school.

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