Airport Employees Involved in Meek Mill Scuffle Admit to Swinging First

Airport employees allegedly involved in the Meek Mill scuffle sat down and spoke with TMZ about the incident, but may have said a little too much.

In the first part of the video they admit they swung first on Meek’s crew members, but later switch their story revealing that no, “they” threw the first punch.

Yesterday (March 15), Meek was charged (not arrested) with assault after a fight at St Louis International Airport.

Allegedly, airport employees tried to take a photo with Meek Mill, but Meek wasn’t having it leading to an altercation. Airport police were called in and Meek, along with 2 airport employees, were charged with misdemeanor assault. They were given the summons to appear in court INSTEAD of arrest.

Part II of airport employees describing #MeekMill scuffle

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