Will Video Footage of Suge Knight’s Hit and Run Scene Save Him?

suge.ohsodjPolice might have been closer to finding out exactly what happened in the recent fatal hit-and-run incident involving Death Row Records founder Suge Knight…..if the cameras worked.

The manager of Tam’s Burgers — the Compton, CA eatery where the 49-year-old former hip hop mogul allegedly ran over two people, killing one, on Thursday — told the Daily News that the store’s security cameras do not work. Additionally, cameras on a Wells Fargo, a Louisiana Fried Chicken joint, and a Rite Aid store nearby do not face the burger joint’s parking lot, according to a report on TMZ.com Now, police are trying to find someone who may have captured it all on a cell phone.

As previously reported, Marion “Suge” Knight killed a man, and struck another, with his vehicle on the scene of a promotional shoot for the upcoming N.W.A. documentary Straight Outta Compton. Suge maintains he came to the location at the request of Dr. Dre who allegedly wanted to end their long-standing beef. Shortly after he arrived a fight broke out between Suge and two staff members. Fearing for his life, Suge claims he jumped in his car and sped away hitting actor Cle “Bone” Sloan (whom he was allegedly tussling with) and Harris in his haste.

However, other accounts of the situation have Suge purposefully running over the two men. He turned himself in to the West Hollywood police station hours after the incident and was levied a $2 million bail. Knight is currently facing murder charges but his lawyer James Blatt recently told reporters the charge could be dropped as early as next week if prosecutors believe Knight’s account of the situation.

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